A Year in Review: Aqarpedia accomplishments in 2021

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It’s an understatement to say that 2021 was a year filled with many challenges and hurdles, but we end the year with a sweet farewell, celebrating all the milestones we’ve accomplished in Aqarpedia.
First, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Aqarpedia launch, a joyful day passed, and everyone was awarded and recognized for the honest, hard work they’ve done over the course of the year. The celebration wasn’t just all partying, it was our way to ensure all of our employees feel seen, appreciated, and celebrated. After all, aside from attaining the right information to clients as the key priority, uplifting the team and becoming a family is the core that drives Aqarpedia to its success.

Second, opening the second Aqarpedia branch in Cloudnine, we faced the challenge of keeping up with all the real estate competitors in the field. How can Aqarpedia surpass them? How can we cement our name as credible, reliable, and top achievers? The number one real estate consultancy in Egypt? Well. after many trials and tribulations, we rose above everything, and soon awards followed.

We were over the moon by the great achievements done by our amazing team, which led us to have the honor of receiving awards.

The first award was from GPC, as Aqarpedia was named one of its top 10 sales in the year 2021

And then Mountain View, who was awarded us as their platinum partner for the year 2021.

So we said goodbye to the year 2021, along with its challenges and awards, anticipating the arrival of 2022, fully ready, fully driven, and eager to break new ground in real estate consultancy.

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