Aqarpedia Achievement: 1,000,000,000 sales in 6 months

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When we founded Aqarpedia back in 2020, our mission was to deliver superb services for both investors and clients. We assembled a team with undeniable experience, whose passion and dedication to always informing clients on what is in their best interest and where they should be investing according to their needs, budget, and their long-term plan.

Being in the real estate brokerage field isn’t an easy walk to the park, with strong competition and an increase of projects being developed across Egypt (New Capital, New Cairo, Alamein, Galala, North Coast), it is difficult to keep up with all the market’s demand, and to fulfill the gap of connecting the client to the developer, we opened another branch in New Cairo, and from here, we continued to grow, having strong name recognition and an even stronger team we can rely on. This led us to have major awards in 2021 and end the year on a high note. But our story doesn’t end here, we continued to strive for excellence, constantly challenging ourselves and breaking new ground in providing top-tier consultancy services in the real estate field, driven by knowledge, passion, and honesty, we have shattered the glass ceiling, for a company that was established in 2o2o, already opened a second branch, we can finally say we made it.

In February 2022, the results of our sales number came in, and we are proud to say that our marvelous team has made 1,000,000,000 sales in 6 months, a record so iconic that it got featured in all the major outlets and newspapers
The press coverage of our achievements was featured in the newspaper such Eskan Misr newspaper, property plus, business elite, البوابة العقارية والعالم اليوم
Business Elite said, “Aqarpedia was able to change the shape of the real estate market and its dynamic.” a statement we are proud of, as we have high hopes to continue reshaping and changing the real estate landscape.

An accomplishment like that couldn’t go without notice, as always, we want all employees, or dare we say family, to be appreciated and awarded for their earnest work, so later in February 2022, we held a mega celebration in Triumph hotel to honor our top achievers.

In this ceremony, Ahmed Arafat, the founder of Aqarpedia, and Ahmed Ragab, the Marketing Manager, handed awards to top achievers and spoke about their vision for Aqarpedia, and from here, it was announced that soon, a new branch will be opening at the end of 2022, acting on their promise back in 2021 of expanding and spreading their wings, ending the night with concrete plans to do and determination to be the best in the field.

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