The first Ramadan Gathering

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The holy month of Ramadan is the time where we all gather and bond, a time for spirituality and togetherness. As a year passed by since the launch of Aqarpedia, we held a special event for all employees, along with our sister company, review advertising, to celebrate the holy month in unity and success.

The event was held at the triumph hotel in May 2021, it was a special night made for special people, filled with good food, good music, and an overall good mood.

Ahmed Arafat, the Founder of Aqarpedia, spoke at the event, detailing his upcoming vision for the company, awarding the top sales achievers, and explaining how to expand Aqarpedia’s presence in the market, by highlighting the key value the company holds (Knowledge).

Knowledge to Aqarpedia is a very key factor, the running engine that drives it to success, so in the event, Arafat emphasized the importance of having accurate, up-to-date information that benefits both investors and clients, encouraging everyone to always seek excellence and strive to find the truth, investigating the real estate market, and prevent customers from falling into the traps of scammers.

By the end of the evening, the new goal of Aqarpedia was revealed, to expand its horizon, and to become the number one go-to real estate consultancy in Egypt. from here, a new challenge has entered. And the employees are ready to conquer everything.

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